Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Birds' Tale

Hi friends.  I've added a new page to this blog - see the link up there that says "our story?"  I wrote it for anyone who's wondered about the early days of our infertility journey, before I started writing about it.  And I wrote it for myself, to let all the words out so they can stop rattling around in my head.  If you're interested in the tale of Jenny and Mr Wren, you can click the link up top or this one here.


  1. Thanks for posting your journey. I hope it was a tiny bit therapeutic to get it down on paper. I just hate that this has been such a struggle for you. I used to say I didn't want kids and my mom totally pointed that out to me when we were in the midst of fertility treatments- grrrr - Obviously your intention is focused on having a baby now, so I truly believe this will manifest for you. Where do you go from here - have you considered changing clinics? I so badly want this to work for you!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read it. It was less therapeutic than I'd hoped, actually, but I guess it's good to have all the facts down so I don't forget any of them.

      I wish I could change clinics, but they are the only one in town, and we can't afford to go to one out of state. We're also locked in, I think, because of the shared-risk program.

  2. JW - I just went back and reread your previous post regarding your 6 frozen embryoes and going the Lovenox route - I really hope this is what makes your pregnancy stick.

  3. Hi,
    I've been reading your blog for a little while, and I want to say that I'm deeply sorry for your lost.

    You said, in the beggining of your new section "Our story", that it is sometime helpful to read about somebody else story, what they've been through and maybe see what might help us on our own road. I totally agree with you and that's why I read so much blog in the last years.

    Also, in your previous post, you said that you are wandering about the miscarriages you suffered and what are the options to prevent it to happen next time.

    So, all this brings me to talk about a another blog I follow. I don't see it in your blog list, but maybe you know it. It's Mo & Will story and the blog name is "Life and Love in the Petri dish". After 6 miscarriages, Mo is now 17 weeks pregnant. She had a lot of different treatments to help prevent another miscarriage, so maybe you'll find it interesting.

    I really don't mean to compare stories or anything like that. I just wanted to give you the information. Feel free to look at this blog or not ;-) !

    Sans cigogne (Storkless in french)

    1. bonjour!

      Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. I do follow Mo & Will's blog - I'm not sure why it doesn't show up in my blogroll. I'm not very good at the technical aspects of blogging! I enjoy that blog very much and hope that my story will end as happily as hers....